-a sour soup. a distinct Filipino comfort food for the soul. as unique as its people. as diverse as its culture. a blend of ingredients prepared to its sour perfection, exciting the palate, soothing the nerves, rousing the senses, bringing back memories of scenic greens, warm sun, blue waters, and the solace of home.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


a plot. a twist. a doubt. a bow.

an arrow. a stab. a kill. a bias.

deceive. distort. betray. delude. mislead. defraud.

depression. suspicion. madness. mistrust. delusion. mania.

-8 april 2005 ©

Dark Secret

I cause you pain
I bring you shame
I give you pleasure
I show you delight.

I drive you crazy
I influence your brains
I set you free
I lock you in.

I implant doubt
I infuse panic
I inject fire
I waken your senses.

I arouse your passions
I invade your dreams
I render you sleepless
I leave you breathless.

I make you jump when the phone rings
I make your heart stop when your cell beeps.
I incite you to lie
to your peers, family and friends
above all to yourself
Ha! If they only know
what you and I conspire.

It's too late for regret,
But don't fret...
For only you and I know
the things you hide under the covers.

-2 april 2005 ©

Glass Half-full...

Over lakes and valleys
Over highs and lows

Over daily pressure's and life's little jokes
Over time and space

As sure as the sun rises
As sure as the night falls

Better days are coming
Better days are awaiting...

-8 march 2005 ©

The Best Things in Life...

are not often free. But there are things you just can't live without, free or not. It comes adding everyday. Go make your own list, it's refreshing; keeps you grounded. Here goes mine:

  • prayer
  • warm hugs
  • a pat on the back
  • an ice cold coke on a hot day
  • a walk on the beach
  • holding hands
  • a swimming pool
  • the open waters
  • fresh squeezed orange juice
  • faith
  • trust
  • loyal friends
  • gourmet coffee
  • the laughter of a child
  • old photographs
  • old memories
  • soft conversations
  • a massage
  • crying with a friend
  • holidays
  • an mp3 player
  • a great book
  • a picnic
  • salad bars
  • candlelight dinners
  • aromatherapy
  • smell of fresh greens
  • a long, tight embrace of a child
  • a nap
  • breakfast in bed
  • learning from experience
  • a hearty laugh
  • convenient stores
  • the internet
  • making love...oh yes!
  • a comfortable shoes
  • a 'home' to come home to
  • an ice cream
  • lazy weekends
  • hot chocolate
  • a letter from a lost friend
  • to love
  • and be loved
  • a feel-good movie
  • slippers/flip plops
  • kissing
  • a cell phone with a full bar
  • a cell phone with a charged battery
  • text messaging
  • a genuine smile from a stranger
  • digital camera
  • a high end printer
  • a reliable computer
  • an even more reliable internet connection
  • making love...some more!©