-a sour soup. a distinct Filipino comfort food for the soul. as unique as its people. as diverse as its culture. a blend of ingredients prepared to its sour perfection, exciting the palate, soothing the nerves, rousing the senses, bringing back memories of scenic greens, warm sun, blue waters, and the solace of home.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


the sound of the waves
gently touching the shoreline,
the wind blowing softly
caressing willing bodies.
the feel of fine sands
on one's feet,
the thousand stars
watching over...

the warm sea water seducing
wanting bodies,
why in the midst of all these,
without you,
it's depressing more than exhilarating,
gloomy and sullen
more than pleasurable
what can one make happy in times such as this?
it's not all those, no. not at all.

it's being with you-- period.

- 20 august 2005 ©

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