-a sour soup. a distinct Filipino comfort food for the soul. as unique as its people. as diverse as its culture. a blend of ingredients prepared to its sour perfection, exciting the palate, soothing the nerves, rousing the senses, bringing back memories of scenic greens, warm sun, blue waters, and the solace of home.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

(Adrianne) What The Stars Knew: I

"I'll call you,"
That's what you said
The Sunday we met,
So I waited and waited and waited.
Still you haven't called

Whatever it is you're doing,
Can't you spare a minute
To give me a ring?

Tonight is Wednesday
And as I sit here anticipating,
Constantly praying
All of a sudden I know.

I can sit here now forever
And snivel altogether
Until the tears run salty on my cheeks
For all of a sudden I know.

I know what the stars have known
All the time.
You'll never, never call...

-First appeared on Kist, literary journal. 1994 ©

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