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Friday, October 19, 2007

Fil-Am Group Wants ABC to Pay Tribute to Pinoy Health Workers

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That is the the title
of one of the headlines on ABS-CBN news website.

Still on the Desperate Housewives issue. Sigh... A Fil-Am group rejected ABC station's offer of jobs for Filipinos to work in their network. Instead, the Philippine Anti-Defamation Coalition (which was just newly-formed) wants ABC to pay tribute to Filipino Health Workers through an episode of Desperate Housewives and they specifically want Teri Hatcher to say things about Filipino Health workers in the effect of honoring these workers. They don't want the jobs, they want recognition! Huh?!

In the news article, it also mentioned
of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) filing a $500 million law suit for that racial slur!!

Please read the full story and tell me, please tell me that we are not OA (over-acting) and KSP (Kulang sa Pansin, attention seekers)! This is totally ridiculous and not to mention getting embarrassing for ordinary Filipinos like me in the US who are NOT involved at all in this case! We just want to work, not be ridiculed further because some of you want attention and honor in a fictional show and on the side, hope to cash in the dough! What will you do with 500 million dollars?! Give me a break!!

LATEST TV rating of Desperate Housewives here in the US as of 14 October 2007 after three weeks since Teri Hatcher spoken a line with the word "Philippines" on it:

Whoa! Almost 19 million viewers watched Desperate Housewives last Sunday! They're still on the number 4 spot in the Top 20 rating show in America.

TV rating of Desperate Housewives here in the US as of 8 October 2007 after the Season Premier on September 30 when the remark was uttered:

They still command over 18 million viewers and ranks number 4 overall.

TV Rating of Desperate Housewives here in the US, random check on February 18, 2007 week.

They ranked number 7 here, only because it was American Idol Season and House MD was at its peak. Number of viewers? They had over 18 million viewers then and maintains over 18 million viewers after the controversy. Number of People living in the United States: about 301 million. (almost 4 times the population of the entire Philippines at 87 million people! 4 times!!) Number of Filipinos in America? Approximately, 4 million.

We, Filipinos are obviously not the target audience of Desperate Housewives. The controversy has not affected their ratings at all. My point? In the scheme of things here in the US, we will always be a minority. The fact that we are making a mark for ourselves in the medical field should encourage the Philippines to maintain that by uplifting its quality of education- NOT busy itself cleaning up "our" image. The OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are already proving everyday that they can be the best in what they do. Nobody is thinking otherwise just because they watched the remark in Desperate Housewives. We are living the reality. We don't live in Wisteria Lane!

The people behind Desperate housewives already acknowledged they made an error in that episode. Let's stop pursuing the issue before this really becomes a silly joke where the joke is on all of us, Filipinos...

As long as you drag this out, I will continue to rant on the issue. So please, without sounding too desperate, let this be my last post on Desperate Housewives!©

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Cyberpunk said...


It was just one lousy line that nobody even noticed until *someone* directed all attention to it.

Geez, that group is embarrassing all of us. Instead of getting respect or understanding, now we'll all come across as pathetic losers. To say that the group is exploiting the situation is an understatement. All your hard work will be reduced to nothing, thanks to some money and attention whores.

docchef said...

i hope they would do this

eam said...

cyberpunk: sinabi mo pa!

docchef: thanks for stumbling on my blog. your comment was vague but i assume you hope they would do the tribute to the Filipino Health Workers and the $500 million law suit... perharps it would do us good if they pay tribute; then again everyone would know- abc decided to do it under duress or prodding (or in tagalog: sa pilitan!) so it wouldn't really mean anything, would it? this is not long term as it is only one episode on the show. after that everybody will forget about it. on the other hand, the group refused the long term offer of more job openings for Filipinos? i don't get that at all... i thought job=prestige=dollars=dollar remittance to the Phils.

on the second point: law suits such as this, is a long and tedious process. perhaps Desperate Housewives will be long gone even before this case is heard. or perhaps the judge would just throw it away for lack of merit. so why go through with it at all? but what i really want to know is who would benefit if they be granted $500 million- being that it will be the Philippines vs ABC station? what would they do with the money?

am sorry, you gave me a line and i gave you 2 paragraph worth of answers. what do i know right? am just a blabber mouth really...

i do admire your stand as you are a doctor yourself... and on a lighter subject, a passionate chef if i might add having visited your blog and seeing your love for cooking and food. i can only brag about how i can cook the best sinigang! ;-)

thanks for stopping by.

Jay Cam said...

congrats on being picked blog of the week!

Jay Cam said...

care to trade links with my humor blog?

check it out at Jay's World

eam said...

hi jay cam: thanks for landing on my page! i've visited your blog. looks good and organized. i've had some laughs reading on your entries too! yes, we can link. thanks for asking! could i just do the text link? let me know. -mae

Javi said...

I think the damage has been done already. Unfortunately for us folks, we have a lot of reactionary kababayans who do not seem to think thoroughly the effects of their actions. haay.

Michelle said...

Hey! Congrats on your Filipino Blogger of the Week win!

Thank you for the kind words at my blogs, they made my day. :0)

My favorite sinigang is with bangus with a fresh batch of rice. Mmm, now I crave it!

I've added you to my links too.

Oh, and about Desperate Housewives, I didn't even know until my husband told me and I basically shrugged it off. My parents are both in the medical field and I'm proud of them, it's because of their degrees from the Phils. that enabled me to have such a great life here.

I don't watch D.H. anyway.


eam said...

hey javi: thanks for reading and leaving a note. talaga... haaay! went over to your site earlier. salamat ulit at sa uulitin. hehe

eam said...

thanks michelle! your drawings are amazing- something lacking in my creativity part- if there's any! (you didn't have to link me but i appreciate it! i really just enjoyed my stay in comics-mix and prolonged absence that i had to link it to my blog so i can easily get back to it and that others may enjoy it too!)

can't decide over which kind of sinigang i love the most but one thing is- it's the only food i can eat everyday straight for a week with a smile on my face! with rice of course! haha

i don't watch DH either but i had this habit since i got here to record all premiere episodes of as many shows to see if they're worth my time for the season and just to kinda update myself on what's on tv. i'm a huge showtime fan!!

daya mo, you don't have a profile! are you here in the US?! thanks again for stopping by... -mae