-a sour soup. a distinct Filipino comfort food for the soul. as unique as its people. as diverse as its culture. a blend of ingredients prepared to its sour perfection, exciting the palate, soothing the nerves, rousing the senses, bringing back memories of scenic greens, warm sun, blue waters, and the solace of home.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'd rather be.

Between you and me, what is here
compared with what is there?
I'd rather be spending time
at home counting sheeps
than be spending time at bars, counting beers.

I'd rather be spending time
thinking of you, your naughty smile,
your teasing eyes meeting mine
than be spending time at malls, counting stores.

I'd rather be spending time
dreaming of better days
for you and me than be spending time
doing nothing at all, killing time.

Between you and me are some major cities
Several small towns, a bunch of lakes
and rivers and a whole lot of valleys and oceans.

Between you and me,
wish you were here,
wish i was there.

- 11 june 2005 ©

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