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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pinoy at Heart. Are You?

Project1You know you're STILL a Filipino at heart living abroad when:

  1. the only carb that matters to you is RICE.
  2. you eat the only carb that matters at least twice if not thrice a day!
  3. you eat at breakfast buffet, gulping your all you can eat bacon, sausage, corned beef and eggs with toast AND ALL YOU CAN THINK of is "damn, this is really great with rice!!"
  4. you have Silver Swan soy sauce, Rufina Patis, Jufran banana ketchup, Mang Tomas condiments in your shelves.
  5. you use Ginisa Mix, Sinigang Mix, Palabok Mix and any other Mama Sita or Knorr Mix as part of your cooking.
  6. you fry salted dried fish in your backyard or outside your home for all to smell, ignoring even the snare of your neighbor!
  7. you have sky flakes as your saltine crackers of choice.
  8. you drink and or have your kids drink Milo and Ovaltine as 'energy drink.'
  9. you crave for bagoong (shrimp paste) and would get it no matter the cost!
  10. at your extreme anger, you blurt out expletives in Tagalog!! Leche! Gago ka! P***ng Ina mo! Bwisit! Bastos!!
  11. you don't trust your postman. you're afraid to leave a stamped mail in your box thinking it might be stolen or the postman will not deliver your mail.
  12. you have Johnson's Baby Powder in your purse.
  13. your cellphone is Nokia, the cellphone of choice in the Philippines.
  14. you know all the shopping SALE and you frequent in outlet stores.
  15. you keep two cellphone lines. One for sending and recieving text messages to/from the Philippines and the other for local calls in the country where you are.
  16. you can't avoid saying OA (over-acting, corny), KSP (Kulang sa Pansin-lacks attention), TNT (Tago ng Tago-in hiding), KJ (kill joy), CR (comfort room), TAN-G-A (Stupid), GF/BF (/girlfriend/boyfriend)
  17. you send balikbayan boxes instead of money or often on top of the money!
  18. you carry a calculator to convert local currency to philippine peso.
  19. all you can think about when shopping for yourself is your loved ones back home and end up shopping for your pamangkins (nieces and nephews), kuyas and ates (brothers and sisters), nanay at tatay (mom and dad) and other relatives.
  20. you don't care about your cholesterol level and binge on Lechon (Roasted Pig) and Chicharon (Deep fried Pork Skin) any chance you get.
  21. you have a balde (pail) and tabo (dipper or scooper) for showering, right on your nice modern bathtub or shower room!
  22. you still say, "I'm going to take a bath" or you tell your kids "go on, take a bath na (already)," when you meant just taking a shower.
  23. you look for a friend or relative and beg to give you free haircut!
  24. you're always late and blame the traffic!
  25. you equate price with quality. the more expensive they are, the better the quality!
  26. you have a Friendster account instead of Myspace.
  27. you save every stamp you receive from the mail and keep it even though you're not a stamp collector and or you look for someone to give it to.
  28. you own a videoke/karaoke system with the ultra watchmacallit with everything on it microphone.
  29. you put ketchup in your rice when eating spam or hotdog.
  30. you still use eskinol as astringent and papaya soap for your face!
  31. you have a CD from any of these artists: Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Sharon Cuneta, Apo Hiking Society, Yoyoy Villame, April Boy Regino, Pilita Corales, Hadji Alejandro, Basil Valdez
  32. you have The Filipino Channel (TFC)!
  33. you're still a Vilma Santos, or Nora Aunor, or Sharon Cuneta, or Tito, Vic and Joey fan.
  34. you are still either a kapuso- GMA or a kapamilya- ABS-CBN TV company fan.
  35. you gotta have pansit (noodles) on your birthday for long life.
  36. you teach po and opo to your kids and never allow them to call you by your first name.
  37. your eyes lit up when you go to a Filipino party and find Kare-kare with bagoong, adobo, palabok, lumpia shanghai and barbecue on stick!
  38. you crave for SINIGANG (sour soup)! I do at least twice a month (with leftovers for days)!!
  39. you can't read maps and would rather ask a police officer or passerby for directions. OR you own a GPS!
  40. your conversations include "actually" on it! Actually!
  41. you still say, "kill the light" when you meant turn off the lights; or "kill the faucet" when you meant turn off the faucet. nothing wrong with that, I think it's cute! my mom still says that! (It's hard to resist because we say paki-patay ang ilaw in Filipino which literally translates to please kill the light and so on).
  42. you see a kababayan, exchange numbers and become friends! (as opposed to "westernized" ways where a Filipino would completely ignore another Filipino or simply give a hi and dismiss the conversation).
  43. you can't help but say overtaking instead of passing, overspeeding (which is redundant) instead of speeding and for a while instead of hold on when putting someone on hold on the phone.
  44. you bring pack lunch to work.
  45. you l-o-v-e branded stuff!
  46. you have all your family, friends and relatives' vital statistics including waist line, shoe size, shirt size, favorite color and wish lists.
  47. you love taking pictures and you'll pose for any monument, any art form, any bridge, any mascot, any landmark you see when travelling.
  48. you frequent at thrifty stores, second-hand stores, vintage (used) clothing stores BUT will never admit to it!
  49. (if you're Catholic) you have a Rosary, Sto. Nino statuette or any religious articles hanging on your rear view mirror (for protection and safety).
  50. you eat with your hands with one leg up on a chair, your hand resting on your knee. And when you're not eating with your hands, you eat with spoon and fork instead of fork and knife and when in a restaurant, insists on a spoon!
  51. you make it a point to send something to your loved ones through a balikbayan who will hand deliver the package when he/she returns to the Philippines.
  52. you have your sense of humor intact and still laugh at yourself.

This is obviously inspired by the comically true, "You know You're a Filipino" list that's been going around in print and on the net for years. But that's a general description of the traits of Pinoys. This is my version for Filipinos living abroad who STILL very much are Filipinos at heart. I compiled them from Filipinos I encountered and met here. Some and if not most, apply to me!! I know this is but a partial list of a true blue Filipino's funny yet endearing qualities while living abroad. I invite you all to add more or let me know what number still applies to you... :-) ©

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black_mamba said...

Nice one.

I tuly am Pinoy lol..... and proud of it too :)