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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stumble Upon on This Website Yet?

StumbleUpon is the new google or the new wiki that's taking the net by storm. Already boasting over 3 million users, been featured on TV and tech magazines, this is one sure find you want to keep! I just stumbled on it a week ago and I'm hooked! This is the Myspace or Friendster of bookmarks and links. There are millions of websites on the internet. One can't possibly explore even half of it in one's lifetime. This must-have helps you discover websites that are only relevant to you, according to the preferences you included.

The best thing about it is, it has a toolbar add-on with Mozilla Firefox so its so easy to use. Everytime you click stumble, you'll be in a whole new world of serendipity! It's exciting what you can discover in every click! It's building a community of people helping each other bump into something new and interesting. Everytime you stumble a site, it would ask you to rate it to help the next stumbler. In that way, only relevant sites are being distributed and the rejects are well forever be buried in the bottom of the internet ocean. A very intelligent tool! The only downside is it's addictive. I recommend stumbling only on your lazy nights or spare time-- or you'll never get other things done!


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Don't have Firefox yet? It's time to get out of the dark ages that's Internet Explorer (IE). Firefox in my opinion is way cooler, faster, has more tools and more efficient. Although some OLD websites still don't support it and I find myself opening up IE or I just totally skip that website, it's still better interface than IE! I'm not sure how Firefox works in Philippine websites but it's worth having.©

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