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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Power to Heal

The current mini mock poll is over and I asked the super question: If you could have superpower(s), what would it be? Top three result says: 60% want the ability to time travel, 46% want superhuman strength and 70% want the ability to heal. I'm surprised almost nobody wants to have x-ray vision (9%) and the ability to fly (12%). The power to be invisible didn't do too bad at 21%.

As a child I've always been fascinated with anything super (who wouldn't?): superpowers, superheroes, supernatural events and at some point, (super)aliens! Once I saw E.T., I wanted to meet an alien. I was sold that they're friendly, loyal, highly intelligent and if I befriend them long enough, they would give me my heart's desire! Of course that never happened and I grow up and life just threw me disappointments, failures and frustrations. Life without E.T. on it.

Superheroes are another thing. Thanks to comic books and movies, it's safe to assume that we all want to be a superhero! The success of Superman, Batman and the Superfriends isn't because they're who they are but because we all want to be like them, so we follow their story. Their triumphs in the make believe world is our triumphs in the reality we live in.

The idea of having the power to be has always been there with me. No, I've never dreamed of having the power to rule the world but the idea of having the power to heal would be like the biggest thing ever to happen in the history of mankind. The "superhealer" will be bigger than any superhero that came before, bigger than Superman or Batman combined!

In Catholicism there is one such healer named JC but He lived thousands of years ago before the world even actually begun to live. Others have followed and they call themselves faith healers. I am a skeptic towards that because most often, one isn't healed by simply believing. One can't really be totally, physically cured by faith alone. Faith healers can not heal cancer or AIDS for example. I can believe in miracles but they're a rarity.

There are far too many sickness in this world that needs healing. The "superhealer" if there exist to be one will be the ultimate panacea. Time is slipping away for all of us. We need a new superhero! The world needs a superhealer, and fast!

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7 taster(s) say...:

black_mamba said...

hello. i admire you for choosing the power to heal. i wish i could say the same for myself but if i had the choice, i'd still pick 'invisibilty'. that's what i voted for BTW ;)

keep up the great posts :)

Edo said...

Heroes is the best show on NBC! And if I had to choose a power, it would be to absorb everyones powers...just by being around them. Like Peter Petrelli. But at any rate, this was fun. Thanks


eam said...

hi black_mamba! my first choice would have been to fly, so i can just go anywhere i want and be back in the Philippines in a flash but then i thought about the "balikbayan" boxes i'd have to be carrying with me while flying!! ugh. haha. well, the invisibility cloak has saved Harry Potter's life a lot of times... i'm sure you have other creative and clever uses in mind! :-) thanks for writing! :-)

eam said...

hi Edo! I watched season 1 of Heroes but it has gotten slow and somewhat boring for me on this second season- hopefully, the tide will change for them in the coming episodes! Yes, i like Peter's sensitive character and what he can do! :-) Thanks for stopping by.

Linky Love said...

Hi eam,

Thanks for linking to me :-) give me time till next week to link back as I am outstation on a lil handheld.

Have a nice day and smell the roses.

Linky Love

mae said...

hiya linky love! no problem. thanks for stopping by... have a good one! :-)

black_mamba said...

Hi Mae,

I guess the attachment is kinda psychological. I used to turn to wakeboarding but since I started blogging , tsk tsk.......

Internet addict??? who, me??? lol.... yeah, i'm starting to notice the signs, the headaches, my dwindling eyesight, sleepless nights. I'm trying to achieve 'balance' right now. My husband has started complaining lol....

Decided to drop it off here as well as you might not see it on my comment box hehe...

Having said that, I have a few memes to pass on, I've been meaning to finish up those posts but I'm really pressed for time lately. I have the perfect one for you hehe...... Give a few days to finish up ;)

Thank you so much for comment, I really appreciate it :)