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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Cheers... With Food, Food, Food!

What do you most look forward to this Christmas/Holiday? That's the question I asked in my mini poll. Survey says: It's food, food, food! tallied at 66%. Why, am I not surprised?! Food is a major factor in what makes a great holiday! It can make or break the entire occasion!

In the Philippines, we go all out by serving good ham and fine aged cheese and other special foodie. Then there's whole roasted pork or a heavy heaping of roasted calf and some other Filipino delicacies. In the US, well some also have the good ham and special cheese, or the good ol' turkey! (not again, we just had it on Thanksgiving day!) and then a mix of Italian, American, Asian, Mediterranean and other cuisine.

Second o
ff in a tie at 52% is exchange gifts galore and Christmas / year end sales! Hmmm, are we really commercializing even the most glorious of celebrations, the birth of Christ? This is asking the Christians of course, including me! Just a thought to ponder...

And what do you know, the reunion with family comes in only at third with 47%! Priorities, priorities, priorities...

Last but not the least, huh, holiday? what holiday? with 19% of the total votes. Well, Christmas really is a religious Christian holiday and for non-Christians, it is nothing but any other day and for most, just a holiday off away from work. For some, it is just the celebration of the commercial aspect of it. That's nothing to be surprised about.

Like here in America where people are so diverse with different beliefs, it is imperative that everyone has an open mind that not everyone share the same meaning of Christmas as the other. So much so that some States actually have an unwritten law in commercial places like offices and retail stores to NOT greet people you don't know with Merry Christmas so as NOT to offend them but rather, greet them simply with Happy Holidays!

In a Christian nation like the Philippines, it may come almost as a shock to hear that one would be offended when being greeted with Merry Christmas! We almost always assume that everyone is Christian so it's ok to say it. Yet, if we look deeper, if we're not sure if the person we're greeting is a Christian or not- don't you think it is best and polite to simply say: Happy Holidays! instead of Merry Christmas? Just another thought...

On a different note:

Between now and the new year, I will be officially moving my blog to Wordpress, getting my own domain and the works! I'm really getting sick and bored here in Blogger.
I need change. Change should be good.

The shift would be a major challenge for me though as Wordpress is way different than Blogger but I already did it with my other site, The Postcard Collector. What a pain that was! Nonetheless, should be worth it in the long run.

With that said, you might be getting error messages or something like, the page can't be found or something. The new site may even be unreachable. Bear with me. Know that I'm doing my all to make the transition as smooth as possible for me and you. Please come back again and don't be a stranger here! Thanks!

I'd like to leave everyone with a note here :-)

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ey, i've something for you at http://myconsolingasylum.blogspot.com/2007/12/ways-to-make-you-smile-this-new-year.html

eam said...

Thanks Zang! I've left a note on your page... :-)