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Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Officially Winter in Boston!

Hence, the suffering begins. My suffering anyway.

We had the first snow of the year today. Every time the temperature drops to 0C (32F), it reminds me again why am I still in the coldest part of the East coast? I hate Winter. I hate the cold weather! But Boston is truly a beautiful place to be at in the Spring and the Summer! So goes my cycle and dilemma. In the Winter time, I want to move out of this State! In the Summer time, I don't want to be anywhere else but in Boston.

Today was just a mild snow storm, (a major would be about -20C) but the thing with mild is everything gets iced the next day. You don't wanna walk on ice! I've slipped here and there walking on ice, literally fall flat on my back! That happens when you step on an unsalted area and yeah, when you're as clumsy as I am. You can't let that happen to anybody walking in front of your house because if they break a bone or something, you can get sued! Seriously.

While living in the cold area has its advantages (no flies, rodents, mosquitoes, you don't sweat! food aren't easily spoiled, everything looks extra
nice when covered in snow...) I find more disadvantages to it.

The nights are longer and colder (4pm is like 8pm at night)! Driving is awful and doubly dangerous when caught in a snow storm especially at night. Others like the idea of hiding in layers under one's clothing, not my style! I'm a beach girl! Even with tons of layers, my hands and feet are still icy, my lips chapped, face flushed and since I always forget to wear a hat, my nose and ears- frozen! The air is dry so my nose tends to bleed a little.

Much as I love not sweating, some people think it's all right NOT to take a shower in the Winter. When you're in a crowded and enclosed area like the train or elevator, there's an almost suffocating smell in the air! I think it's also because they think it's all right to wear the same clothing for days since it's still 'clean'. The heating bill is outrageous, you wish you'll just hibernate to skip turning up the heat! In an article from Forbes it mentions the 20 most expensive cities to heat in the United States and Boston ranks first. Oh and did I almost forget to mention that you're responsible for cleaning up your own driveway and dig into the snow to get your car so you can get to work... So you're outside for an hour or so shoveling and clearing up your area especially the sidewalk for people to pass. You can hire someone to clean for only $100.00 each time!

Snow taller than me! The smile is only for the photo op. Believe me, you'll hate winter too!!

Ok, I must admit the first Winter and snow experience were exciting! I felt like a kid who discovered "Neverland." But only lasted a day... I'm miserable in the Winter. Really.

Massachusetts and the East Coast are not really the most popular areas Filipinos would choose to migrate (except perhaps for New York) primarily because of the weather. There are only about 10,000 Filipinos in Massachusetts as opposed to the warmer and always sunny California with over a million Filipino migrants. Yet, the 10,000 seem to love it here because it makes them feel like they belong to the "upper class" (sosyal) as one Filipina I met said to me; While living in California seems like you've never left the Philippines at all because it's too Filipino congested, she further added (meaning what? "lower-class"). I found the comment rather amusing if not shallow and ignorant. I wanted to make a snowman out of her! But I will not rattle on that now.

It's officially Winter in Boston. Let me out of here!

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2 taster(s) say...:

Mari said...

Filipinos in California are low class? Har har har...she must be one of those flies who got on top of a carabao. Eek...swat that fly.

Mari | http://zmorenaq.blogspot.com/| 12.06.07 - 3:25 am |

eam said...

I know!! I really wanted to strangle her for that uncalled for comment. In fairness to her- she's a highly successful Filipina RN who had bad experiences with Filipinos in CA where she started so she moved to the east coast and swore off CA! Still, I really think it was unnecessary comment... my mom and sister lives in CA and I'm moving to CA in the future too and I take offense in that!!

mae | Homepage | 12.07.07 - 1:35 am |