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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Filipina Ako. I am a Filipina.

Fabulousfilipina6HAVE YOU GOOGLED "FILIPINA" LATELY? The internet over the years has become the most powerful source of information- more than books, other print media, tv and library. It gives limitless knowledge to the point of overloading one with too much data. As such, it gives access to any unimaginable topic, issue, news, anything at your fingertips. It can also mar reputations, make you want to throw up on the sick sites you accidentally come across, ruin companies, destroy lives. Anybody can go to any search engines to search for anything one can possibly think of. Type a word, phrase, even a question and though won't guarantee you will find what you're looking for, it will supply however countless websites (by the hundreds of thousands of links) more than enough to divert your attention and focus on the searches found instead.

Filipina_1 Imagine my surprise when I typed Filipina and or Pinay in google! I found some objectionable listings there. Go see for yourselves. Even this paid google ads in adsense on Filipinas is quite annoying! But BIG Thanks to the aggressive and massive campaign of concerned Filipinas, they were able to bring their own websites and other relevant, informative, responsible, refined sites on page one of google, yahoo, msn, ask jeeves among others. It wasn't the case 2 years ago as I further probed, when the very word Filipina or Pinay would give out totally shameless views of what a Filipina is based on the websites available at that time. Filipinas were merely porn material, flirts, sexy, horny, and mail-order-brides- just for fun, dating and amusement!

I'm joining the concerned netizens and I would like to declare, assert, proclaim that I am a Filipina and proud to be one. If you are a proud Filipina, I urge you to make some noise in the internet. If you are a Filipina wherever part of the world you are, you can do something by being responsible with your actions online. Portray a decent image of yourself because what you do affects the entire Filipinas! True, the world wide web has no barriers, freedom of speech is highly tolerated here hence you can't censor a website. This is not an issue of censorship or morality, it is providing a balanced look of certain issues- in this case being a Filipina.

Imagine you met someone who never met a Filipina before and doesn't know anything about our country. He/she finds you interesting and would like to know more, goes online to see what's out there. Heck, he/she won't search for Philippines- won't probably even remember the word let alone spell it. He'd/she'd search for Filipina; types it on google and the first 20 results links him/her to Filipina porn sites, Filipina mail-order brides, Filipina singles, Filipina flirts, hot and sexy Filipina. What do you think that person would conclude about you and Filipinas in general?!

It's sad enough that we had to deal and we're still dealing with Filipina representation in the world as domestic helpers, lazy bums and thieves. Being pictured as merely for fun and pleasure is unacceptable! Let opportunistic people who prey on helpless Filipinas by operating porn and Filipina trafficking come, we can't stop them. BUT you can do something about it. By reading this blog, you already are. Step a little further by clicking on the links I've provided here, join forums, make comments, start your own blog (and link them to other Philippine websites such as this) talking not necessarily just about the Philippines and being a Filipina but by speaking your mind on personal issues that matter to you. In so doing, we project a Filipina definition that we are not only beautiful people but are decent, thinking individuals as well!

By having as many websites written by Filipinas and spreading it around, making as many hits or clicks as possible to the websites- we make sure that the search engines are unprejudiced in presenting all available websites about Filipinas and that the internet does not only belong to those who can pay to advertise their (monkey) business! Be proud of your heritage. Spread the word.

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If you know any other "clean" Filipina websites or about the Philippines/Pinays in general, kindly post them here so we can continue passing the word out!©

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hi. Your blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award. Visit the site and vote.


eam said...

thank you for the nomination. that is a pleasant surprise...will check out your site. mabuhay! :-)

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@eam - thank you for the entry. I hope you can attend on Nov. 28.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say, but you gotta admit filipinas are very sexy and good in the sack hehe